What is a Trail Family?

    While Tim grew up on several acres, hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping with his family, it was not the same for Shannon. Her idea of the great outdoors was sitting on the back porch reading a book in the summer, or floating around the pool. 

She still thinks that is great, but her love of all things TRAIL FAMILY including hiking, biking, and walking on the trail has bloomed in her soul. There is nothing like a lovely morning ride where bunnies hop beside you on the trail and you get a glimpse of a skittish doe as you whoosh by. Shannon has been discovering with Tim what a TRAIL FAMILY is.

    When you discover something wonderful, the natural inclination of most people is to share it with others. The first people we share with is our family, which is great as a wife and mother of three. We love hitting the trail together as a TRAIL FAMILY.

“When you discover something wonderful, the natural inclination of most people is to share it with others.”

    You too might want to make a shift, even if it is a small one, into spending more time outdoors. You may be asking, “what is a TRAIL FAMILY?” Here are three first steps.

  1. A TRAIL FAMILY spends time outdoors.

    Any family time is great. Building a bond that lasts for decades, and even generations is priceless in a world where we continue to segregate ourselves as individuals within the family. Spending time outdoors is the first part of becoming a TRAIL FAMILY. It is different than going to the movies, a ball game, or bowling, although we love doing all those things together as well. A TRAIL FAMILY has an even more enhanced family experience by having more private time, unexpected adventures and exploration, and time to converse while doing that activity.

2. A TRAIL FAMILY does specific outdoor activity on a trail.

    Any outdoor time you can spend getting fresh air, or staring at each other instead of at a screen is great. What specifically makes a TRAIL FAMILY over an outdoor family is that you are spending time on a trail. It may be a bike ride on a rail-to-trail which has a very low incline. Or possibly a more adventurous hike, like one of our favorites Rickets Glenn State Park, one of the highest rated hikes in the Northeastern part of the country. Perhaps its just a basic stroll around a lake at a local park while you push a stroller. Whatever it is, if your on a trail or path, you are a TRAIL FAMILY.

Part of our local DNH trail in Northeastern, Pennsylvania.

3. A TRAIL FAMILY spends trail time together.

    It is not that everything needs to be done as a family. Tim and Shannon take turns going for morning bike rides while the other holds down the fort. That being said, TRAIL FAMILY life involves spending time on the trail together as a family. You only have so much time to build memories with your children until they are out and on their own. A TRAIL FAMILY builds relationships within their family by spending time on the trail together.

Out for a hike on the O&W trail in Northeastern, Pennsylvania.

    Do you love spending time outdoors, or is this something you need to develop like Shannon has? Where is the closest trail to your house, and what grade of difficulty is it? How much quality time do you spend together, and how would two or three times a week on the trail improve your family relationship? Start planning to become a TRAIL FAMILY today!

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  1. Looking forward to following our first Trail Family

  2. Awesome! Have a great time as a family!

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