Trail Family Date Night

    You may remember from our family bio that I (Shannon) did not begin life as an outdoors kind of girl. When I would think of date night, restaurants, cloth napkins, and an air conditioned room would come to mind. If we were going casual, I would enjoy a movie night or even a picnic. A fifteen-mile up-hill bike ride did not even exist in the same universe as date night. 

    Recently we found out that our Rail-Trail council organizes an adult evening bike ride once a week. We were pleasantly surprised to find that a group of fifteen to twenty people participate from week to week. It is encouraging to see so many local adults who are taking steps to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is likely that if you are interested in activities like this, that your local trail council has similar events. You should check your local trail Facebook page or website for information on this, or contact them asking if they have any of these coming up. Like us, you may be pleasantly surprised. 

The group on our evening ride on the D&H Rail-Trail

Would an adventurous, or long (at least in my eyes) ride be a good idea for a date night and spending time together? Tim has gotten out on the trail more than I have and therefore logged many more miles on the bike. I knew it was going to be tough to keep up so I looked at this as a challenge! 

That being said, there are few things that can draw two people together like when one helps the other to overcome a difficult task or reach a goal that they have set. If you are the less “outdoorsy” half of the couple then I challenge you to be up for an adventure. If you are the more adventurous half of this equation, then I encourage you to help your spouse accomplish a goal and be their cheerleader. You will both have a great time. 

“There are few things that can draw two people together

like when one helps the other to overcome

a difficult task or reach a goal that they have set.”

    Another reason that we were up for this type of date night is because time is of the essence. By doing a date night during a group ride, we were able to accomplish several things at once. First, we were able to have a date. We packed a picnic dinner and arrived at the trailhead before the ride to spend some alone time before the group arrived. Second, we were getting non obligatory, fun exercise . Third, we were able also to spend time with our friends and people in our small community. We felt very accomplished by the end of the night.

    Cultivating the TRAIL FAMILY lifestyle doesn’t mean that every member of the family has to be out on every activity. In fact, doing a date night on the trail once in a while will allow you to hike, jog, or bike along more of the trail than the times when children are with you. Parents who have a strong marriage will help create a strong TRAIL FAMILY.

    Where can you search to find out if you have a group ride or hike night for adults? What are some trail events you can do just as a couple? What other reasons may there be to do a separate activity from the kids?

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3 thoughts on “Trail Family Date Night

  1. My wife and myself had a date ride last Sunday the 15th. Rode the Great Miami River Trail from
    Fairfield to Renschler Park in Hamilton Oh. What a fun time. Next up is our annual trip to Yellowsprings Ohio. Its on the Little Miami Senic Trail. We’ll ride 15+ miles , then hangout at their street fair.

    1. That sounds awesome! We’ll have to check out those trails sometime.

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