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You may be tempted to think that there is not much to do on trails besides hike or bike. This could not be farther from the truth! Most trails have some kind of council or organization group that maintains the trail. They work to get funding for upkeep on trail heads, design and print maps and brochures, and acquiring or oversee land to extend the trails. 

Heal-All Flower

Other responsibilities that the organizers take on is to make sure that there are entertaining and engaging activities to participate in for people of all ages and abilities. These groups provide events which bring people out on their trail. There is so much more to being a part of a trail community than just hiking and biking.

Our trail council has organized many events like evening rides for adults, bus tours along to trail, yoga hikes, 5-Ks, and guided nature walks. Our local Rail Trail Council does an amazing job of getting the community out onto the trail. They work with local people to capitalize on their talents and interests. 

There is so much more to being a part of a trail community than just hiking and biking.

One such resource in our area is a naturalist named Jane Frye. Jane has hosted several guided nature walks around northeastern PA, and other parts of the country. We attended one of these events this past summer. It was a wonderful day out together as a whole family on the trail. 

The girls and Jane on the D&H Rail-Trail

Jane was fantastic! She was prepared for every question that my very curious daughters had for her. They learned the names of several flowers that grow along our trail, learned how to use a pair of binoculars provided by the trail council, and were entertained for hours on a summer morning. We certainly enjoyed Jane’s expertise and appreciated that she would lead this nature walk. 

Wild Strawberries

Once the girls learned a few flowers, they were hungry for all the knowledge they could soak up in those few hours. They asked about every plant they could see. There were Ox Eye daisies, Hop Clovers, wild strawberries, common Buttercups, and several more. 

Hop Clover

They enjoyed it so much that when they came home they looked up the scientific names for the flowers and used the pictures we took to create a photo collage project. You would be amazed at all the variety just along the sides of the trail

Lexi spotted a bear cub footprint on the trail as well. We are glad that little guy and his mama were long gone before we got there! She was very excited that she, not the dozens of adults, was able to spot this. 

Lexi’s hand with the cub print she found!

We encourage you to find as much information as you can about your local trail. There are likely events that are geared for the whole family. Do something different than a regular walk or bike with just your family. Go on that yoga hike. Take the kids (even the toddler) on a guided nature walk. Train for and run a 5K as a couple. There are so many ways to lead a TRAIL FAMILY lifestyle. 

What events are coming up soon on your trail? Have you checked the Facebook page or website for the trail council or organization? What event might be new for your family that you can participate in?

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