Why You Should Give Trail Gear this Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, we are all thinking about what gifts we should give to our loved ones. We’re making our lists and checking the Amazon price. It is such a joy to give the perfect gift and see someone’s eyes light up after they tear the colorful paper away and see what’s inside! As you are preparing to shop, I’d like to encourage you to get some trail gear this year.

Gear makes a great gift that has WOW factor. If you are like us, you probably read pages and pages of product reviews before investing in your next piece of gear. What a great feeling when that gear shows up in your lap as a gift.

Little trail buddy loves opening “pwesents”

Gear can be expensive. After you have read all the reviews about what you plan to purchase you probably have to save up for a little while before bringing home that coveted new piece of trail gear. We often struggle to justify large purchases when we are juggling a family budget. Gift giving seasons like Christmas can make taking that plunge easier. You were planning to buy gifts anyway, so make that gift the gear that your spouse or kids were really wanting to get.

It shows a personal, thoughtful touch to your gift giving. When a gift shows that the giver really knows you or has paid attention to what you love and are passionate about, it makes it so much more fulfilling. Being the gift giver in this equation is magnified also when you know the recipient with love it. 

The best thing at the holidays is the love of family

There are whole family benefits. Much of the gear you might buy can be used by the whole family together. It also gets the kids (and parents) out from in front of screens and out in the fresh air. These are some of the reasons we are cultivating the TRAIL FAMILY lifestyle in the first place.

You can shop local in many cases. We have a local bike shop where we love to get our biking gear from. They also have kayaking supplies there. Many trail towns will have a shop where you can get hiking boots, backpacks, trekking poles, snow shoes, and more. When you can, buy local. It supports your tail town’s economy and helps your neighbor. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and many blessings to you all!

In the next few weeks we will have some lists of suggestion for trail year to get for your TRAIL FAMILY this Christmas. 

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