Same Trail, New Activity

We are so blessed to live in a trail town. One of the main trail heads on the D&H Rail-Trail is only a few minutes drive or bike from our home. This makes getting out on the trail regularly much easier. The other side of that coin though is the fact that we are usually walking or riding the same trail over and over. This can present a problem for Trail Families with younger kids.

Adults and teens can see the value of visiting the same trail regularly. We can enjoy the changes of season on the trail and just enjoy the exercise that we get. Younger children, however might start to feel that their hometown trail is same ol’, same ol’. It is up to us as Trail Parents to get creative with keeping them engaged until they see the intrinsic value of the trail. I’d like to share one idea for spicing up your regular trail walk for the younger kids. 

Make a Photo Story

Cyborg from Teen Titans a.k.a Mr. Poppy

This occurred spontaneously for us. Calvin, our little trail buddy, decided to bring a toy on our walk. As we were going, he asked me to carry “Mr. Poppy” for him. This toy is actually Cyborg from Teen Titans. When you push the red button on his chest, his head pops off! The idea hit me to put Mr. Poppy in various places along the way and take a picture as an interesting way to share our walk on our Instagram. The girls quickly caught the excitement of this idea and thought up more poses and scenarios for Mr. Poppy. This ordinary walk quickly became much more memorable. 

Smiles all around on this great walk

Any small toy will work for this project. If your children have already made pocket bears, you can use these as well. If you need some inspiration for poses for your toy, here are some of our pictures of Mr. Poppy.

Mr. Poppy, King of the rock!
Who knew a 1/4 inch of snow could be so arduous?
Do you wanna build a snowman…

What other scenarios can you and your kids come up with? Have fun with this project! Sign up to get TRAIL FAMILY in your inbox for more ideas on jazzing up your trail time with younger kids. 

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