Trail Mom’s Spring Picks for Layers and Water Bottles

Another winter is almost gone and I can’t wait to be out in the Spring sunshine. In anticipation of warmer days ahead, I’d like to share some gear suggestions to get you started off to a great Spring and Summer.

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Outer layers for warmer weather

With all that delicious sunshine on its way, we’ll soon be able to ditch the parkas for some lighter outer layers. I love just grabbing a light outer layer for the day. Here are some great suggestions for you!

I recently picked up a thin, stretchy hoodie from RBX. It is perfect for over a T-shirt when you don’t need as much warmth as a regular hoodie. 

I also have an Under Armor hoodie that I have had for a few years. My husband picked it up for me at an outlet store. Even after several washes, it is holding up well. I have been happy with all the Under Armor products that I have purchased, and I know they are an investment. But they are a good bet if you are looking for a warm gear base or outer layers that will last for years. 

Another great outer layer that Tim got for me at an outlet is this GSX bright orange jacket. It has three pockets with buttonholes to feed your earbud cord through. One at the chest, one at the bottom of the front panel, and one at the small of the back. This variety allows you to carry your phone wherever you are most comfortable. The sleeves are extra long with thumb holes. I love this style of sleeve when it is warm enough that you don’t really need gloves, but you might want to pull your sleeves down over your hands.

My full zip running hoodie

This is similar

Water bottles/backpacks

Hydration is one of our top priorities as a Trail Family. Make sure that each family member has a water bottle of some kind even on a short walk or ride.

Here is our favorite biking water bottle. It doesnt let the trail dust in and fits perfectly in a standard size bottle holder. 

We don’t recommend a bladder system for biking because it will put stress on your back and shoulders while you are riding. But for walking and hiking they are great! It is more efficient to carry water (or anything else) on your back when you are on foot. Here is a backpack that has a bladder system and has room enough for snacks, extra socks, or whatever you might need for a short hike or walk. 

We hope this list is helpful for all you Trail Families out there who are gearing up for the Spring. What is your top recommendation for Spring gear? What would you add to our list as absolutely essential?

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