Social Distance on the Trail

Wow! The world is really turned upside down right now, isn’t it? All the major sports and other events have been canceled. Amusement parks and theatres are closed. Even the schools are shuttered for the time being! These are truly unprecedented times. 

These changes have affected our family in some major ways as I’m sure they have yours as well.  While we have always been a homeschool family, we had many activities that we love and miss such as church, dance lessons, and game nights with friends. Even this introvert is feeling the cabin fever!

Two children looking over the rail of a trail bridge
The girls looking over the railing on a bridge on the O&W Rail Trail

In this situation, there is great advantage to being a trail family. This is one aspect of your family life that does not have to come to a halt. In fact, getting out on the trail can be one of the things that saves your sanity (and mine)!

Since the social distancing guidelines have come out, we have enjoyed walks in our neighborhood as well as trail walks. Usually, seeing others out on the trail is delightful. We wave to our neighbors or meet new people. These are typically short conversations from a distance, or just a hello and a wave. We are able to get out of our house but still maintain social distance and not come into close contact with other people. 

A collage of a family waking on a trail
A few photos from one of our trail walks during social distancing guidelines

If this is your first time reading our blog, I’d encourage you to start cultivating the trial family lifestyle. There are so many benefits for your family to be out on the trail. You can get healthier, make memories, and have a hobby that can be enjoyed year round. 

These can be frightening times, I know. Our children have had lots of questions as we watch the evening news. But there is a silver lining that so many families are discovering. The spring of 2020 has the potential to be remembered as the time that families reconnected in deeper ways that they imagined possible. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you who are out of work, are overworked because you are essential or medical staff, or you or a family member has become ill. We truly value each and every reader. We are blessed that you choose to spend some time reading my thoughts each week.

We are so encouraged by all the love and good will that we have seen all across the country. We hope that you are too. We will all get through this together and come out stronger on the other side.

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