Mom Needs a Bike Too

Before Tim convinced me to get a bike for riding the trails I hadn’t been on one since I was in junior high. To be honest, I was a little worried about how it would go. But the old adage is true. You never really forget how to ride a bike.

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There are excellent benefits for moms to ride with their kids. First, you spend quality time with them doing something that they love to do. Second, you get the benefit of getting exercise. Third, everyone is outdoors in the fresh air as opposed to being in front of screens or on a stationary bike at the gym. That sounds like a parenting world win-win situation to me.

A mother and two daughters riding bikes on a trail
Me and the girls on the D&H Rail Trail

Tim is the ultimate researcher when it comes to major purchases. So he took to the internet to find all the reviews for the best bikes. He eventually settled on Raleigh bicycles for the brand he wanted to buy. They make quality products that are worth the cost above what you find at the big box stores, but are also in the affordable range for most families. 

My bike is the Alyssa 1 model that is designed for women. It comes in two sizes depending on your height. However, you can make fine tune adjustments such as how high and forward the seat is and the height of the handle bars. Raleigh has done a magnificent job combining function and style in this model.

Orange woman’s bicycle

If you are a mom like me, you may have some sticker shock after looking up this bike. I know we tend to go super frugal on ourselves so that we have more to lavish on the kids and hubby. We have found that quality products tend to last longer and function better giving us all an improved experience while out on the trail. You don’t have to have top of the line gear, but don’t skimp on gear either. This includes you, mom!

My last word on this would be that you should buy local if possible. The three main reasons for visiting your local bike shop are customer service, the opportunity to try the product before purchase, and assembly service with purchase. These all make the extra cost well worth it!

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