Happy Trail Dad’s Day!

There’s a saying that goes, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad.” When considering that my husband shares his love of nature, takes on the role of Trail Dad effortlessly, and is an all-around amazing dad, I can say that I definitely married a special man.

A sure thing that you can say about my husband is that he is an outdoorsman. Tim has loved the outdoors ever since he was a little boy. He grew up in a rural area where they would fish, ride bikes, and garden every summer. As a new husband, he got his young bride to go camping with him to introduce her to the outdoor adventure life. It was natural for him to want to share his passion with his family which has extended into his role as Trail Dad.

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Father and son holding a fish

Last summer when I wanted to start a blog, Tim came up with the idea for Trail Family. He already had all the qualities needed in a Trail Dad. His strength and intelligence serve us well in all our adventures. He does the heavy lifting of putting the bike rack on the car, loading up the bikes, and pulling Cal in the chariot. 

He is also our expert researcher. Whenever we have an idea for a trip, I know he will spend almost as much time planning the trip as going on it. But his preliminary work always saves us time and money making for a much more enjoyable trip. Certainly, these qualities make for an ideal Trail Dad.

I can always say though that on and off the trail, Tim is an amazing dad. He encourages our children (and me) to try difficult things and build new skills. When the girls learn to ride without training wheels or when they finish a difficult chapter book, both achievements make him celebrate. He is the quintessential “fun dad” who revels in planning interesting and new activities for our family. Whether it’s the Kingdom Trails in northern Vermon or the Train Museum in Scranton Pennsylvania, dad is all in for the experience together.  He wants his family to have an abundant life in all aspects.

Father and children
All the kids and their awesome dad

So much more can be said about the incredible guy I married. I’m thankful for him every day. I appreciate the most that he is unashamedly a family man. He brings us into his passion, he makes the role of Trail Dad look easy, and he is a dedicated father to our little troop. 

Happy Father’s Day, Tim!

Happy Father’s Day to all the other Trail Dads out there!

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