A Tricycle for Littles

Trail families come in all shapes and sizes, and no one is too little to enjoy the trail. One of our favorite trail activities is biking. When we all go on a multi-mile bike ride, our littlest family member rides in a chariot. But he is working on building his biking muscles! Most pre-school aged kids get this practice on a tricycle. Today, I’d like to tell you about our little trail buddy’s trike.

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Radio flyer tricycle
Cal’s Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Tricycle

There are several features that make this tricycle a fantastic fit for almost anyone. This trike from Radio Flyer comes in the classic Little Red Wagon red, which may get you feeling nostalgic. But it has been given a modern upgrade for sure. The seat and fit are just right for children who are about 36’’ tall and would likely fit comfortably up to 42’’. If your little is smaller than that, no worries about reaching the pedals because this trike comes with a detachable push bar. Cal’s feet didn’t reach the pedals until this summer, but we have enjoyed this trike for two summers already. The tires are perfect for road or crushed gravel trails, so feel free to take it around the neighborhood or on the trail. Cal loves to ring the little bell on the handlebar and store leaves and rocks he finds in the little cargo area.

Handle bars and bell
Push bar detached from tricycle
Some close ups of the handle bars, bell, and detached push bar

As I mentioned, this trike can grow with your child making it a good investment. Before they are pedaling on their own, you can push them along. When they are tall enough to reach the pedals but working on building strength, you can still be there to help out. Once they are fully propelling themselves forward, you can remove the push bar and use it as a regular tricycle. We found ours at a yard sale, but we will add an amazon link below for you to check it out. My only “complaint” is that it can be cumbersome to load into the back of our vehicle. But you will have that with any tricycle so it’s not a deal breaking feature. All the other excellent features outweigh this one down side for sure!

Cal really loves his tricycle and feels like a big boy when pedals all by himself. We hope that you can enjoy it too!

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