Trail Family’s First Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that we have been Trail Family for an entire year already. What a year it has been too! None of us could have predicted what the last few months have brought us. I’m convinced though that this endeavor has still been worth the time and effort even in these unpredictable times. Starting this blog and our subsequent adventures has been refreshing and challenging at the same time for all of us in different ways.

To commemorate our first anniversary, I’d like to share here the five most viewed posts from our first year. Some of the titles below are ones I definitely expected to see. On the other hand, a few pleasantly surprised me. In reverse order, here they are.

Number 5: Plan Your Long Summer Ride Now

I wrote this back during the doldrums of winter. We were looking forward to pleasantly warmer days and possibly a multi-day ride for just Tim and I. The way this Spring unfolded probably changed many of your plans as well as ours. But the advice for planning still stands on its own. I was not expecting this one to make the top five but I’m glad it did for all you bike enthusiasts that read our posts.

Girl on a bike in a purple helmet
Jocelyn on the D&H Rail Trail

Number 4: Three Ways Trail Family Life Can Build Kid’s Character

We love to emphasize the FAMILY in Trail Family. A major part of our endeavor is to create something beneficial for our children. We found that they grew in beautiful and unexpected ways by facing challenges on the trail. Check this one out for some encouragement that your efforts to get them out there on the trail are not in vain. 

Number 3: Biking All 50 States

This was our first guest post on the Trail Family blog. I must say that I’m so pleased that this one made the top five. Deanne and Roger are lovely people and I was excited to share their story with all our readers. Find inspriration in their goal to bike in all fifty states after having turned fifty!

Couple and bike in front of a trail sign
Deanne and Roger in Alabama. State #18!

Number 2: What is a Rail-Trail?

Most of our trail time is spent on a rail-trail because we have one that runs through our hometown. In fact, our trail head is considered the Northern Gateway to the Anthracite Region. In this post I share what is the rail-trail system and how it came to be. 

Number 1: What is a Trail Family?

I was actually a bit surprised to find this one at the very top of the views list! However, when I thought about it, it makes complete sense. This is sort of our “why” post to let readers know what we are up to here at I’m glad to see that readers are going back to the foundation of our project as they come along with us. That is very encouraging!

Three children at the bottom of a slide
Some family time at our local playground

I’m honored that anyone would take the time to read what I have to say. These posts all are a little piece of my heart. That they have been received by others and have been a benefit means more than what I can really put into words. Thank you all so much for a great year notwithstanding the crazy circumstance that is 2020. You are all a blessing to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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