Another Trail Family Anniversary

Last week, we celebrated the first anniversary of the trail family blog. This week, Tim and I celebrated out fifteenth wedding anniversary! We have been writing a beautiful story together for much longer than I have been writing on the internet. If you all would grant me the indulgence of telling that story more fully. 

We were married in July 2005 and immediately moved to Florida for Tim’s first full-time job after college. We went on our first camping trip as newlyweds in the Florida heat. We had such a good time that we bought a one-year state park pass. We camped and hiked around a few other parks during our stint of living in the south. Once we were back in PA, we camped with our friends who had young families. Those early experiences in our journey planted the seeds that would bloom into trail family. 

Family on a hike
So great to hike with our kids!

Living back in PA but still not having started our family yet, we explored several outdoor activities. We bought a pair of kayaks that we still own and enjoy. We tried rock climbing. Tim booked some indoor climbing lessons for us on a weekend getaway for an earlier anniversary. We bought backpacks, subscribed to Backpacker Magazine, and hit the mountain trails. The diverse experience kept our outdoor journey exciting. We looked forward to having children and sharing this great lifestyle with them. 

Those early experiences in our journey planted the seeds that would bloom into trail family.

Man and woman in front of lake
Tim and I at a friend’s lake

This most recent chapter of our story has been raising our family. Although as I type this I realize that our eldest is nearly ten! We put down roots first by buying a house in our current hometown. Later Tim became involved with the local small business alliance. He has worked with so many wonderful people on community and trailhead development. It is exciting to see our community become known as a trail town. We are planted in a place where our family can truly blossom into something amazing. We are so thankful.

To all our readers, I appreciate your allowance of my need for nostalgia on this momentous occasion. Your support of my writing means more to me than I can say.

To Tim, thank you for all that you are and all you have helped us to become. “We should get jerseys, because we make a good team.” The last fifteen years have been a blast. I hope for we make this kind of milestone many times over.

Man in bike helmet near trail sign
My amazing hubby!

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