Ebbs and Flows; Bursts and Fizzles

Today my kids played Nintendo for a lot more time than I would normally allow them to play. “Say it ain’t so, Trail Mom!” There are some days when we plop in front of a screen for a while too. This time it was because we are decompressing from a long three week stretch that included family vacation, second honeymoon getaway, and staying with my grandma to help care for her. We spent loads of time outside and active during those three weeks. Now we just need a break. There will be times of busy-ness, sickness, or unexpected happenings where reality meets Trail Family lifestyle.

Little Buddy got hold of the iPad and took some pictures

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I just described our most recent Burst. We were incredibly busy but enjoying soaking up all the beautiful summer weather! There will be days of perfect weather. Sometimes you can schedule outdoor time and everyone has a good attitude about the day’s activities. Those are the golden moments that you should revel in when they come. Our Bursts keep us chugging along toward our goal of 300 hours outside. 


Today, and likely the next couple days, will be a Fizzle. We’ll veg out in front of the TV a little more than usual. We’ll sleep in. You don’t have to go full throttle all the time to reap the great benefits of outdoor time for your family. You don’t have to feel like an imposter in this space if you are not on the trail every weekend or outside every day. Some set the goal of 1000 hours outside in a calendar year. That comes out to about three hours EVERY DAY! No criticism from me; don’t get me wrong! Those families are amazing and I wish them all best of luck on that journey. Maybe we’ll make it someday. But most of us cannot maintian that level of intensity for a whole year. Most of us need a day or few of Fizzle now and again.

Rest and Relaxation time

Remember family first; trail second. It is good to set goals to get your family outdoors. It is good to desire the benefits that you gain from cultivating the Trail Family lifestyle. Don’t sacrifice your relationship with your children to those goals. I’m here to give you permission to Fizzle. Sleep in, play Nintendo in your jammies, and plan to get back on the horse (er, trail) in a few days.

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