“Adopt” A Tree

A resource review

I have mentioned that autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the change in weather and nature. I love the activities at home and in town. I love the food and celebrations. Living in a wonderful, small town provides opportunity to be involved in enjoying this season to the fullest. You can read some more about that here. 


One activity that we have been working on together is “adopting” a tree. We will watch this tree throughout the year and make a sketch of it each time we visit. This will give us a record of changes through the seasons. We will choose a name for our tree and study about its type. This book, Never Get Bored Outdoors, has several activities for this project. We’ll use special methods to measure the trunk girth and height of the tree. We’ll keep a journal as we look for wildlife and creepy crawlers that inhabit our tree. This is a fabulous learning opportunity that also gets us outdoors and in the fresh air. It’s fun to start this time of year because the trees are in transition and it gives an interesting subject for your first visit and sketch.

Tim and Lexi chilling under “our” tree

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I love creating, although I don’t really consider myself the creative type. What I love is seeing an idea on paper come to life in front of me. This is one of the best things about knitting and crocheting (two of my indoor hobbies). If you can identify with this type of creativity, then resources are our best friends. You can follow Trail Family on Pinterest to see some great resources that I’ve gathered there. You can also check out the links in this post for some resources to purchase. If you are not looking to purchase a book, you can always check your local library.

Calvin finds a bird feather under the tree

Along with adopting a tree and keeping a tree journal, Never Get Bored Outdoors has dozens of outdoor activity ideas. The suggestions are unique, silly, fun, and educational! I highly recommend picking up your own copy for this activity and all the others. It’s definitely worth it.

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