My Favorite Outdoor Instagramers

When we started the Trail Family blog, I made an Instagram account @trailfamilylife as another way to connect with my audience. Before that I was really only on Facebook for social media. I also have Twitter, though I never tweet but just follow the news. Instagram turned out to be a platform that I really enjoy. Seeing beautiful photos and reading the stories that go with them is like a mini blog experience in every post.

If you haven’t been introduced to Instagram yet, I recommend that you make an account and start enjoying this lovely platform. To get you started with some accounts to follow that fit into the trail family lifestyle I’ll tell you my five favorite outdoor niche Instagrammers that I follow.

An excellent blog that many of you trail parents would probably also enjoy is Your Natural Learner which you can find at The author Leah also has an Instagram @yournaturallearner. She is the originator of the #150hoursoutside project that has greatly influenced me and how I view our outdoor time as a family. Her blog is centered on homeschooling, but the concept of natural learning fits right in with a trail family lifestyle no matter what your schooling situation looks like.

Perhaps you don’t have room in your schedule to add in faithfully reading another blog and you just want to see some awesome pictures. My next recommendation is @redhenphotography. He is a budding young photographer from Vermont who takes wonderful nature shots, from flowers and chickens to lakes and llamas. You’ll definitely enjoy following him.

Another IG account to follow for outdoor scenes and some travel suggestions is @hidden_in_the_woods. They feature some of the most amazing cabins in the world! I love to scroll through their posts and dream about someday taking a trip to some of those incredible places. They often promote places that are really for rent too, if you’re looking to go jet setting anytime soon.

Sometimes the best gems are hidden right in your own backyard. My next recommendation is @visitlackawannapa. This is the official instagram of the Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau. They feature beautiful scenes from the best places to visit in northeast Pennsylvania. So if you are local, or looking for a lovely place to visit, give them a follow. 

My fifth suggestion is even more niche to outdoors. As I’ve told my readers before, I did not start life as an “outdoorsy” girl. This is a delight that I have grown into so much to the point that I actually think that roughing it is pretty cool (for a little while anyway). For some epic campsites and open fire cooking, follow  @alive.survival. These are scenes that I can definitely picture myself in as well. You would be surprised at the gourmet cooking that you can do with a cast iron skillet and an open fire. 

I hope you give these Instagrammers a follow and enjoy them as much as I do. What are your favorites to follow? I’d love to hear who else is out there in the outdoor enthusiast world. Let me know in the comments.

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