Trail Family Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Depending on where you live, the holiday’s may look different from other years. That seems to be the overall theme of 2020 doesn’t it? The year that was so different from all the previous years. 

Whether you will be able to gather with your loved ones or you’ll be in a Zoom room, one thing that won’t change is showing our love and appreciation through gifts. Here we’d like to offer you a few suggestions for gifts for your trail family.

Trail gear makes great gifts for a few reasons. First, some gear is more money that we are usually willing to spend on ourselves. But giving is when we are more prone to splurge and spoil the ones we love. Take the opportunity and go for it! Second, you are investing in a family activity that everyone can enjoy. Lastly, while you don’t need all the fancy gear in the world to live the trail family lifestyle, having some nice kit can be a motivator. You might even spark a new hobby for someone in your family.

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No one wants to get socks for Christmas right? Well, if they are awesome SmartWool socks that make my toes toasty then sign me up.

Normally you will never hear me wish for snow, but I really want to try snowshoeing this winter! *hint hint* This may be an item that you wish to rent and try out first. Once you’ve seen if you enjoy snowshoeing, add this to your wishlist.

Hiking and biking are excellent hobbies. Add a little more adventure and educational opportunity to these by geocaching. All you need is a handheld GPS unit to add to your gear. Tim and I did some geocaching before our children came along. Hopefully we can get back into it in the future.

Wondering what to do during all that outdoor time with the kiddos? After a while the same parks and sections of trail can get a little ho-hum. Here is a book that will keep you busy and make sure you Never Get Bored Outdoors. I got this book through an online party this summer. It has lovely, brightly colored illustrations and hundreds of activity suggestions.

Don’t forget about the stocking stuffers for trail families. Hand and toe warmers are the perfect thing for every family member. Or some paracord bracelets from Backed by Nature. There are lots of other great items on Backed by Nature too. Use coupon code trailfamilylife for 40% off!

We receive a commission when you purchase through our links. See our full disclaimer.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Trail Family!

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