The Hope of Christmas

In some ways it’s hard to believe that we are at Christmastime 2020. This has certainly been a year like no other for most of us. Many of you out there may be finding it hard to feel the joy of the season. That is certainly understandable. A recent article published by Gallup News told us how the state of mental health in America has sunk to a new low. This year has been rough.

As the Gallup poll shows, the one group that seems to be doing well are regular church attenders. I can say for me personally that my faith is a major part of my life and has been the anchor in the 2020 storm. This week I’d like to share the hope that I find in Advent and Christmas.

I wrote earlier this year how I have come to cherish the celebration of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. During the first week we celebrate Hope. We find hope in the promised Messiah whose birth we celebrate on Christmas Day. We find hope in the forgiveness of our sins through His death and resurrection. And we find hope in looking forward to when He will restore creation to its original perfection! Hope is one of the most powerful things in the world. And when your hope is set on God it is a great force indeed.

We find hope in the promised Messiah whose birth we celebrate on Christmas Day.

I think the main thing that we all need to carry us through the rest of this year and until the end of the covid crisis is hope. My prayer for all of my readers is that you find this hope. I pray for hope, peace, joy, and love for all of you this season. Spend time with your loved ones whether in person or virtually. Enjoy giving and receiving even if this year is much leaner than years before. The is hope to be found for the future.

Thank you all for enjoying another year of outdoor fun with us here at the blog.

Merry Christmas from Trail Family!

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