Looking Back Over 2020

Many of us are feeling like we finally got off a roller coaster that we never got in line for. Years ago at Universal Studios Tim and I and two of our friends got in line for a ride that we thought was more of a tour ride. When we got to the front of the line and noticed that the seats have the kind of hard plastic restraints that come down over your shoulders, one of our friends paled ghostly white! He made it through but it was definitely not what he signed up for getting in line with us.

This past year has been a wild ride for sure. There have been lows that were exceptionally low. We had financial emergencies, medical issues, and times of great loneliness. We buried friends and family at various times throughout the year. I’m sure most of you can relate.

Many of us are feeling like we finally got off a roller coaster that we never got in line for.

We also had plenty of amazing highlights. We made the best of a bad situation. Thankfully, we had technological means to keep up with our church, friends, and family. We celebrated big milestones this year and even got to go on some family trips. Looking back we see how truly blessed we are.

Kids in the snow. We enjoys hundreds of hours outdoors!

Every year has its feasts and famines, 2020 just felt exceptionally poignant. We have a New Year’s Day tradition with the kids that we look back over the previous year and see how much we grew and the things we got to experience. In light of this tradition I’d like to give you the Trail Family version and list a few of our 2020 highlights. 

  1. I got to share tons of great information to help you improve your trail time like Three Ways to Fight Ticks and Mosquitos, Two Main Things You Need to Prevent Blisters, Gentle Pre-Hike Stretches for the Whole Family, and 5 Steps to Tune Up Your Bike for Spring
  2. We celebrated two big anniversaries. Trail Family’s First Anniversary and our 15th wedding anniversary.
  3. The girls attended mountain bike camp in Vermont and we hiked Mt. Pisgah
  4. We enjoyed life in our small trail town all year.
  5. We had more family time that we have in many years.
Me and my love of 15 years out on a boat ride

I could of course go on and on. Contained within this small list are so many wonderful blessings that we have enjoyed through the year. Let us know what you can look back and smile about. Visit trailfamily.blog and leave us a comment on this post. 

Cheers to all that will be great about 2021!

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