Hydration in Winter

A friend of mine recently asked on Facebook about recommendations for staying hydrated on these frigid winter days. I had to commiserate that when the temperature dips below freezing all I want is a hot coffee in my hand to warm me up from inside out. I could drink a whole pot by myself without even thinking about it. The problem is that coffee dehydrates you. So while I’m nice and warm, I’m actually moving backwards is my need for fluids.

While cool water is always fine to drink even when you are outside on a cold day, most of us like to have something warm or even hot. I’m the kind of person who likes her coffee to be just this side of painful. Here is what I told my friend. Sometimes, I like to drink hot water with lime. That sounds super weird and maybe unpleasant. Trust me when I say that it’s actually not that bad. I often add lime or lemon to cool water to make it more palatable. Honestly, I don’t actually like drinking water and I’m probably not alone in this boat. I decided to try lime with hot water too. It adds just enough flavor that I can enjoy it. It solves the hydration and hot drink problems together.

Keep all your little snow angels well hydrated this winter!

Next, how do you keep that hot drink nice and hot for more than ten minutes outdoors? We have some Yeti mugs. I have to say that they are definitely worth the price tag. I’ve found that in general when it comes to travel mugs and water bottles, you are better off investing in a quality product than buying cheaper versions every six months to twelve months. We also have a Stanley stainless steel thermos that I can take if we go on a winter family hike. I know this breaks my “everyone carries their own water” rule, but this is an acceptable exception for younger kids.

This giant Stanley thermos works great!

Don’t be afraid to get out there in these icy months. There are plenty of ways to help you enjoy yourself. I spent too many years dreading the winter that takes up most of our year here in the northeast. Like the old saying goes, “if you can’t beat ‘em; join ‘em.” This shift in thinking hasn’t just made winter bearable for me but delightful for me. Excuse me while I go play in the snow!

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