Winter A Little Longer

This is usually the time of year when everyone feels like winter is in the home stretch. Or at least it feels like winter should be on its way out. Here in the northeast part of the country we tend to get a little warm up that usually fools us all. Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th and it won’t truly warm up for good around here until about half way through April. This year so far the calendar has flipped faster than I expected with no sign of slowing down. So while six weeks seems like forever in the winter doldrums, it will be over before we realize it’s gone. 

My theme for the season has been to embrace winter. I am much happier having accepted northeast PA weather for what it is. If you have followed the blog for a while, you probably noticed this theme. For the first time, my prior determination to enjoy winter has led to winter hikes on the trail, more sledding and snowball fights with the kids, and snowshoeing. I can honestly say that I’m having a blast this winter and truly enjoying it. That’s something I never imagined coming out of my mouth! Part of the credit for this change goes to our whole Trail Family project. Part goes to my hometown trail and all the effort of myriad volunteers who make the trail a great place to be.

Tim and I at our friends’ Ice Party

Together let’s face the fact that winter is here a little longer. Let’s be determined to enjoy it while it lasts. There are snowballs to throw, snowmen to build, new places on the trail to see. Before we know it, we’ll be standing around the barbecue complaining about the heat. I’m learning to NOT be one of those ever-discontented curmudgeons. Each season has its own marvels and riches if we just have eyes to see them and hearts to embrace them.

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