Trail Family Millionaire

Would you rather lose both your thumbs or both of your big toes? Don’t put too much thought into this ridiculous question because I’m only using it as an example. My husband likes to drive me crazy with silly hypotheticals like the above. He is an analytical people watcher at heart so he loves to hear what others would choose and why. It gives one insight into another’s thought processes and values even if it gets a chuckle at first. 

Here is a hypothetical that is a little more fun that the “would you rather…” type. What would you do with a million dollars? It’s fun to daydream about the myriad possibilities. There is the practical side in which many of us would pay off debt, invest, and put our feet up for the rest of our days. Of the early-retirees that I’ve known, most of them found that sitting around is a dreadful bore even if you get to indulge in your hobbies all day long. Some have found their dream job as a result of it. So after we’ve settled all the bills that probably won’t scratch the surface of that million smackeroos, we get to the fun stuff.

What would Trail Family do with a Million Dollars?

We’d buy some four wheelers or side by sides and all the necessary gear and accoutrements to go with them. I will not be participating, but my husband and kids have a blast on these things. I’m guessing that if you wanted to, one could chew up a hefty portion of that million just on this hobby. Although I also know that this sport can be enjoyed by anyone who is savvy with used vehicles and a tool box. There are some local trails that are available for four wheeling that many people enjoy. There are ATV clubs to join that will help you track down all the information that you need such as maps, permits, and the best places for a pit stop. 

Next I would get high quality snowshoes for the whole family. This past winter I discovered that snowshoeing is my new favorite winter activity. The beauty of the forest as snow gently falls through the evergreen boughs cannot be sufficiently described in words. The joy and camaraderie of a group of adventurers as they make their way up and down and back up again binds your hearts together in a way that is everlasting. You will always carry that shared experience of nature, beauty, and determination. 

Third, I would get a new pair of running shoes and the latest Fit Bit. I’ve gotten back into running lately and it’s always a pleasure to have new gear when you start into or pick up again an activity. After breaking in a pair of running shoes, they can become like an old friend who has seen you through hard times. You conquer goals and meet milestones (literally) together. 

Lastly, I would get a fat tire bike. Currently the bike I own is a combination mountain/road bike. I can ride around the block with the kids, on the trail for a great workout, or on mountain bike trails. It is versatile and comfortable. (It’s the Raleigh Alysa 1, for the curious). I’d love, however, to do some winter riding. Fat tire bikes are great for either snow or just bare the trail, so it would be another versatile bike.

Over this fun little daydream about a million dollars, we’ve been able to showcase four activities for the trail. One of the best things about living in a trail town is that everyone can find a way to enjoy the trails. Also, the trail is an attraction that can draw people from so many hobbies. What would you do with a million dollars to indulge in your trail family lifestyle?

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  1. I love this! I’ve played “Would You Rather” on long hikes to distract myself and my fellow hikers so I think I’d get along with your husband. If I had a million dollars I’d buy land down in Seward, AK (my favorite place) and build an epic cabin there! And I’d probably get a fat tire bike like you!

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