Plans Interrupted

I love being a planner! That may make you think that I am a Type A, super-organized, get-all-the-things-done in a day person. Well, I’m actually the opposite. You’ve seen the memes online about the hot mess mom. That’s me. I lose things, forget stuff, and am generally messy and disorganized unless…. I work at it. That is why I love to be a planner. Every year I meticulously choose a new day planner to use for the calendar year. I fill in all the major events for the year and TRY to keep a daily list of to-dos.

My awesome planner from Hobby Lobby. It has stickers!

The second habit I have formed that may seem like it flows naturally from my personality is setting goals. This is also something that I have had to work hard to implement in my personal life. Having Trail Family and the #150hoursoutside project have helped me tremendously in this area. Planning and goal setting are actually antithetical to my personality. I can very easily slide into weeks of not writing down my plans and goals. But I have developed good habits enough that living like that bugs me after several days. Even though it is hard work to get back on track, I’m much happier in that state than flying by the seat of my pants.

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw that I had begun a Couch to 5K program back at the beginning of April. Unfortunately soon after that I went radio silent for several weeks. (Sorry about that). But I became ill for weeks and am actually still having some lingering effects from that. So my Couch to 5K is on hold for the foreseeable future and I have not planned any long hikes for the family so far this year. Our goal from the beginning of 2021 is to do six hikes. I am sure we can still get those accomplished but it will look vastly different from my original vision.

I had some seriously tough moments over the last month and a half as I came to grips with the disparity between my fantastic vision for our year and the reality that is unfolding before me. Tears of frustration came as I looked over my calendar, my Trail Family goals, blog/writing goals, and household goals. Readjustment is necessary.

Being a person whose faith is an integral part of how I look at the world and my own life, I have confidence that this year is developing exactly as it is supposed to. I can keep on keeping on with confidence and not being a slave to what’s written in my day planner. Over the last year and a half we have all become familiar with roadblocks, course corrections, and all the frustrations that come along with them. My hope and prayer is we can have peace and confidence as we make our plans, scratch them out, start over and readjust. Give yourself grace and room to grow. We learn from the course corrections as much as from accomplishing the original plan. I don’t know about you, but I still use a pen to fill in my day planner. 

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