Three Benefits of Youth Sports

The end of summer and transition to early autumn is one of my favorite times during the year. I love when it is cooler at night so we can actually get some sleep. But then during the day I can still enjoy wearing my t-shirts and flip-flops. I also love the start of school because I am a huge nerd. 

We have broadened our horizons when it comes to being an outdoor family. No one has time for everything. It is okay to choose to shift your focus as the seasons change. Our goal is to be outside soaking in the fresh air and moving around. We love using the trails for that purpose. But there are a plethora of wonderful opportunities for outdoor time. For good reasons we have gotten away from the trails lately.

Suiting up for the first game of the season

We have spent the majority of our outdoor time during September and October on the soccer field. This was the girls first year to play organized sports. They played in a local league that is mixed boys and girls. Each had two team practices a week and games on Saturdays. The season will be wrapped up by the time this posts, but here is how it went and why we chose to get in the game.


This one seems like a no-brainer, but just because you are on a team does not mean that you are automatically a team player. Teamwork is a skill that must be learned through practice and trial and error. We were blessed with coaches who were invested in helping their kids to learn the game and play well through teamwork. The other side of that coin is kids learning to be coachable. That trait starts at home and is fleshed out when a child is actually on the team. 

At home, we expect our kids to be team players when it comes to being part of our family. They have responsibilities and chores because they are learning to chip in and be part of a team. We come alongside our kids as they learn new skills and help them to improve. This all leads to them being coachable on the field.


Socialization is almost a swear word in the homeschool world because it is the stereotype that won’t die. For all of you who are burning to know how homeschool kids get socialization, here is one answer. 

Team sports are one excellent way for kids to interact and socialize with other kids. They have to build friendships and also learn to cope with social problems. Playing on a team is also an opportunity for them to learn to take instruction from other adults. 

We look at this as a huge benefit to our kids even when they struggle through it. It is part of growing as a person. We intentionally join things like youth sports and other classes to gain the benefits of our kids being with other kids.

Personal Growth

I have been overjoyed to see the personal growth in our girls since joining soccer. They have grown in confidence in their own abilities. They have also learned to accept that they still need to work on skills to become better players and graciously accept instruction. They have learned courage in the face of possibly getting hurt. They have learned how to be gracious in losses and wins and to be encouraging no matter the final score. 

I’m incredibly glad that we decided to try something new this fall. The girls had a blast and learned and grew more than they probably realize. We all look forward to next season.

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