5 Things I’m Thankful for in 2021

I’m tempted to look back on the last two years and commiserate on how strange and unprecedented it has all been. But the reality is that every year has its struggles and losses along with its triumphs and growth. We have done our best to keep things moving in a positive direction for our family. 

It is not my intent to trivialize the last two years. We have had our share of impact from current events. There have been some frightening moments. My point is that we cannot choose some event such as the coronavirus, and view it as a lynch pin in our lives. This year would have had many of the same highs and lows regardless of world news.

One feature that I love about my 2021 day planner is a blank page at the end of each month. I have been using it to journal throughout the year. Looking back, I can still find many things to be grateful for. Here are five major things that I am thankful for in 2021.

A Husband Who Sets Goals with Me

In January, we sat down and planned out objectives in several areas of life. We set family, work, spiritual, and financial goals together. I am so blessed to have a teammate in life who aims high with me.

Me and my hubby

My Kids Had an Awesome Great-grandma

We lost my sweet grandma back in February. She was one of the most influential people in my life beside my own parents. She had a joy and zest for life that is rare. She had a generous heart and gave and received much love. 

I will be eternally grateful that my children got to have a close relationship with her. Even though her passing was a difficult time for them, grief is part of life. Her memory is part of them now and it is a very good part.

The kiddos with great Grandma

Small Town Life

Honestly, I could go on for pages about the amazing town where we live. My journal is full of lovely experiences over this year that were right here at home.

My church ladies’ group took a snowshoe hike together. A friend led us in stretches, relaxing meditation, and contemplative prayer in the woods as we went.

My friend and I on snowshoes

Our local library made extra effort to have activities in town for kids this summer. They teamed up with the Rail Trail and Parks Department to have two story walks. You can read about those at trailfamily.blog. They also had the regular summer reading program and a STEAM program.

Story walk at the park

My church family and community took care of us during a difficult time. I had the virus back in April and was down for the count. I can’t tell you how much the outpouring of love and support meant to our family. People checked in on us, wrote cards, and brought food. 

Trips and Travel

We are so blessed to have friends and family in various places around the states. We visited Ohio and Delaware. Our friends from Delaware came to visit us here in PA. Tim even got to go to Arizona to visit a childhood friend. In late August, Tim and I got away together for a conference/anniversary trip. At one point it felt like we were away more than we were home. We enjoyed each trip and they helped make the year unique.

Kids in a candy store in Philly

New Experiences and Opportunities

Lexi went on her first turkey hunt with Tim and Curtis Kenyon who is a pro hunter. She had a blast learning a new skill and bonding with her dad. No turkeys were harmed in the making of this memory. Better luck next time.

The girls took dance lessons for several years. They wanted to try something new and decided to go out for soccer. They learned the fundamentals of the game and had a great season with their teams. I could see them building confidence and new skills in those few short months. Read Three Benefits of Youth Sports at trailfamily.blog for more.

Ready for soccer

Final Thoughts

We had an amazing year with even more to be thankful for than I could fit here. Spend some time this week reflecting on your blessings and opportunities. We pray that all our readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Autumn Poetry Tea Time table

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