What’s In My Mug on a Chilly Day Hike?

Few things are cozier than a hot beverage on a cold day. I love the feeling of hugging my mug while breathing in crisp fresh air. My first love is coffee. But the following is a list to try some of our favorite things to drink on a chilly day hike. 

My Mug

Before we get to the delicious contents, let’s talk about the container. Like you, I’ve got a cupboard full of various travel cups and mugs. My first choice is my 16 ounce YETI tumbler with a Mag-lock lid. It is the most convenient size, shape, and lid. My second choice is my YETI 12 ounce mug with a handle and a Mag-lock lid. These mugs keep hot liquid steaming for hours. 

Yeti tumbler with mag-lock lid.

Are YETI the only products that keep your beverage steamy for the duration of your hike? No, I have travel tumblers from a few other brands like Stanley and Starbucks that work almost as well. They only fall farther down my list of choices because the lids are not as good. I have replaced the lid on another tumbler with a YETI lid though, and it fit perfectly. I love that they sell the various lids separately!


Are you on team Dunkin’ or team Starbucks? I like them both, but usually prefer something lighter from Starbucks like the Blonde roast or Cafe Verona. But my favorite coffee that you can get in your grocery store aisle is Eight O’clock brand Columbia Peaks roast. My husband loves dark roast espresso from either Starbucks or Eight O’clock brand. 

When I feel like treating myself to some special coffee, I’ll get a bag of freshly roasted beans from local roasters Black & Brass. Their blends are delicious, and you can’t beat the freshness when you buy local coffee.


I’ve rarely met a tea that I didn’t like! Vanilla Chai and Chamomile are my favorites for Fall. I’ve found that grocery stores like WalMart, Weis, and Wegmans have an impressive tea aisle. You can usually get any flavor you might want.

Lattes and Cappuccinos

We used to have a simple espresso machine. At times I would make a true latte which is a shot of espresso, steamed milk, and then a little froth on top. However, you can get latte and cappuccino powder mixes at the store or online. Many of them are delightfully sweet and creamy. 

I like Maxwell House Vanilla Bean latte. An even more economical choice is the Great Value brand at Wal-Mart. If you love buying bulk, Cappuccino Supreme French Vanilla mix is available on amazon. You get a two-pound bag for under ten bucks! And it’s tasty too!

Not pumpkin spice! Sorry my fellow fall efficianados, but I’m not on the pumpkin spice train. I love pumpkin pie, but that flavor should remain in that dessert. It’s what makes it special. Ok, and pumpkin roll. If you bring me a pumpkin roll, I’ll gladly accept it.

Hot Cocoa

The absolute creamiest, most delicious hot cocoa mix is from Land O Lakes. You can enjoy the classic Chocolate Supreme or branch out into the various flavors they offer. I’m partial to the S’mores. I don’t know how they get the hint of graham cracker flavor in there, but it’s amazing! 

We also make homemade hot chocolate from cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract, and milk. You can see my receipt on the post titled Hot Cocoa from Scratch.

Take a delicious hot beverage on your next chilly day hike. Get your favorite travel mug and enjoy the sensation of crisp air on your face and a warm feeling in your heart.

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