Christmas Break Ideas

Christmas break is a fantastic time to slow down and enjoy many winter delights. We try to fill those days off from school with special activities we wouldn’t normally make time for. Of course, we want to include some fresh air and trail time in our December festivities. 

Here are four interesting ways to enjoy your Christmas break outdoors. What I like best about this list is that everything is inexpensive and easy to do. You can decide on a whim one day that you want to try something on the list. You can probably track down any needed supplies and head out.

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Go Snowshoeing

Don’t worry, you most likely don’t have to invest in snowshoes for the whole family to have this fun experience. Many trail associations (Rail Trail Council of NEPA for my local friends) have snowshoes available to borrow or rent. Vacation destinations often have snowshoes available too, if you’re not a skier. 

Why not just go skiing? If that’s your thing then go for it! I suggest snowshoeing for a few reasons. First, it doesn’t require any specialized skill to get started. A few minutes of instruction on how to walk in snowshoes will suffice. Second, small kids can more readily snowshoe than ski. I try to make suggestions across a broad range of ages so lots of families can take my suggestions and have an adventure.

Paint the Snow

Snow painting is a fun and easy winter activity for all ages. Christmas break is the perfect time to try this out. You need food coloring and water to make the paint. It’s environmentally friendly and washes away easily. Two ways to paint are using squeeze bottles or spray bottles. All these supplies are inexpensive at the dollar store. You can use the squeeze bottles to make outlines and the sprayers to fill in shapes. 

Make Bird Feeders

There are nearly limitless possibilities for homemade bird feeders. We’re probably all familiar with the milk jug homemade bird feeder. Cut the sides out, decorate it, fill it with birdseed, and hang it in the tree. It’s a great way to upcycle a plastic jug, however, a storm can blow it out of the tree creating the potential for litter. 

I favor the kind that you make almost entirely from birdseed and other biodegradable materials. Even if the wind takes it away, you won’t send plastic floating around. My girls once made a winter bird feeder with a pinecone, peanut butter, and twine. Find a nicely open pinecone, coat it in peanut butter, dip it in bird seed to coat it all over. Tie a bit of twine to the top and hang it on a tree outside. Another recipe I found online for birdseed ornaments uses gelatin, corn syrup, and bird seed. Visit my Pinterest page to see lots of fun ideas.  

Go Birdwatching

The nomenclature for this hobby has changed a little. If you want to google some advice or resources, use the term “birding” now. Anywho, going along with your bird feeders, you can watch for hungry avian visitors. You can also look for birds while on a hike or walk. Birding is a delightful way to engage kids in a hobby that keeps their bodies and minds active. Visit your library for books about local birds so you can identify what you see. Our library has a backpack to borrow with guidebooks and binoculars.

Merry Christmas from Trail Family. We hope you have a delightful holiday. If you try one of these activities, tag us in your photos on Instagram @trailfamilylife.

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