The Maddens are a young family living in the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. They love spending their time outdoors doing a variety of activities. They live only a few blocks from one of the newest renovated rails-to-trails trails in the country. 

Shannon and Tim both grew up in the Northeastern PA region. Their paths crossed in highschool, and they married once Tim finished college. They enjoyed hiking, fishing, and even rock climbing.

Then with several years of Tim working two jobs, Tim and Shannon both finishing grad school, and starting a small family, there was precious little time for all these outdoor activities. They still would camp or hike on occasion, but not as much as they would have liked.

Now with grad school complete, Tim only working one job, and kids who are becoming more mobile, the whole family’s free time and mobility has expanded to let them get back to one of their passions, the outdoors. Not only are they doing it, but they are doing it together! Their children are developing the same love for the outdoors.

As Tim and Shannon were making social media posts about their outdoor activities, they noticed people were interested in what a trail family is, and how to incorporate children into outdoor activities. That’s what this page is about. 

With trails popping up all over the country, and a need to get children back to our roots of playing outside, they believe this can be a great tool to help you accomplish those goals with your family. They hope you enjoy their tips, tricks, reviews, pictures, videos, and adventures into what a trail family is all about.

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